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So You Want to Buy a Pre-Owned Composite Sailplane, Aland Adams, February 2008

Article (50KB)

Presentation (7MB)


Healing the Sick: Rejuvenating an LS-4, Amelia Adams, February 2008

Presentation (10MB)

Inside Soaring Interview with Amelia (20MB MP3)


Another View of Soaring Montanna, Aland Adams, June 1993 (Soaring, May 1994)

Article (18KB)


So You Want to Buy a Fiberglass Sailplane, Aland Adams, January 1991 (Soaring, May 1991)

Article (25KB)

Tools for the SSA Competition Committee

Soaring Surveys

The Soaring Survey system is developed and hosted on this site:

SSA Surveys

General Soaring Surveys

SSA Contest Rules Document Processing

The tool for processing the base SSA Contest Committee Rules file and creating the four Contest Rules Documents is hosted and managed on this site. (Authentication required.)

SSA Rules Processing



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